About Enrei

Aura is power
The beauty overlaps and
encountering it brings good fortune

Enrei is a brand that proposes new attire based on draping beauty.

By adding beauty to your food, lifestyle and yourself,
you will attract new encounters and
good fortune to become even richer.
That is our wish.


Enrei’s Titanium Champagne Cooler

Material: Titanium
Size: H380 × W315 × D160 (mm)

Enrei’s Titanium Round Plate

Material: Titanium
Size: Ф300mm

Enrei’s Titanium Square Medium Plate

Material: Titanium
Size: H270 × W270 × D5 (mm)

Enrei’s Titanium Half Moon Plate

Material: Titanium
Size: H290 × W230 × D5(mm)

Enrei’s Purple Rectangular Stainless Steel Wind Wave Plate

Material: Stainless steel
Size: H270 × W130 × D5 (mm)

Enrei’s Purple Rectangular Stainless Steel Horizon Plate

Material: Stainless steel
Size: H270 × W130 × D5 (mm)

Enrei’s Titanium Bangle

Material: Titanium
Size: H65 × W55 × D20 (mm)

Tomita grater

Material: Stainless steel
Size: H180 × W80 × D5 (mm)

Greetings from the President

Since our establishment in 1971, we have worked hard to manufacture products that satisfy our customers, responding to diversifying needs, and striving to improve technology and quality. We launched our own brand, Enrei, thinking that we would like to continue contributing to society by creating new value while leveraging the technology and experience we have cultivated over many years. We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.
Masatoshi Tomita
Representative Director

Our Forte

We have been operating a metal processing business for over 50 years in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, where metal processing is thriving, fostering a variety of metal processing techniques.
We are able to develop a wide range of products and perform metal processing in cooperation with partner factories.

About Processing Technology

Precision sheet metal work (welding/polishing)/polish finishing/buffing/laser cutting/joining/bending/punching, etc.

Materials handled

From ordinary materials to difficult-to-process materials
(Examples) Stainless steel/iron/aluminum/titanium

We can also process other metals. Please contact us for your metal processing needs.

Corporate Profile

Company name Tomita Co., Ltd.
Adress 2602 Omagari, Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture 959-1263
Phone +81-(0)256-62-5962
Fax +81-(0)256-62-5183
Representative Masatoshi Tomita Representative Director 
Establishment April 1971
Capital 3 million yen
Business information Precision sheet metal processing (pressing, bending, welding, polishing)
Polish finishing
Processing of stainless steel, iron, aluminum, titanium, etc.
Number of employees 7

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